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14 May


These look so yummy I’m going to have to try them!

Originally posted on the moveable feasts:

homemade thin mints

I am writing to you from the sluggish, self-wallowing position of a lowly college student that must go back to school. I realize that almost all other students have been back in classes for a good week or two by now and that I am very fortunate to have had a little more than a full month for Christmas break, but still, it doesn’t ease that looming weight of what will soon be my bag filled with textbooks and essays. These cookies are my parting farewell from my home, the land of always-excuses-to-eat-cookies and never-ending-fully-stocked-pantry.

only a yolkadd the flour
crumbly, but comes together

I made these as part of a routine I got while lazing around at home this past month. After waking up, feeding the dog, and watching the Martha Stewart Show, I’d head off to the gym which, upon coming home, I would of course need to counteract by making something addicting and unhealthy. I think…

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