I’ve been AWOL…

28 Feb

Apologies for being a bit absent recently. My computer crashed and I lost some of my files, but I’ve also been absorbed in watching television coverage of the disasterous Christchurch earthquake last week.

I have family in the city, who thankfully are all safe, so the tragedy has really hit home for me.

The latest news on the tragedy can be found here or here. As I write, the death toll stands at 148, with many more still missing. Aftershocks continue, and power and water supply is still off to many homes. It is horrendous. I cannot send enough love and positive thoughts to the people of that beautiful city.

The Red Cross has so far collected more than $NZ5 million in donations to help the people of Christchurch. Donations are being accepted here.

Tomorrow is March 1, Purple Cake Day, and the organisers have announced it will now also support Christchurch children affected by the earthquakes.

Purple Cake Day was conceived by Nelson woman Emily Sanson-Rejouis to celebrate the spirit of her daughters, Kofie-Jade (5) and Zenzie (3), who were lost with their father, Emily’s husband Emmanuel, in the Haiti earthquake in January 2010.

Zenzie wanted two purple cakes for her 4th birthday.

Emily established the Kenbe La Foundation (‘Kenbe La’ means “Never Give Up” in Haitian Creole), a registered charitable trust, to provide educational opportunities for children in need. The foundation has since established Purple Cake Day as a specific day to celebrate and connect children from around the world.

Funds raised by the Foundation in 2010 and 2011, including those raised by Purple Cake Day, are going towards building a school in Leogane Province, Haiti, one of the regions most severely affected by the earthquake.

For more information go to the Purple Cake Day website.

Normal transmission of my book reviews and recipes will resume soon. I’m very behind!


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