Undead and Unwed, by MaryJanice Davidson

7 Mar

Format: Paperback, 288 pages
Published: February 2, 2006 (first published March 2, 2004)
Publisher: Piatkus Books

Back cover blurb:

After being killed in a car accident, fashion savvy Betsy Taylor becomes one of the undead and, with the help of her newfound friends, the lure of designer shoes, and a sexy vampire, must destroy a dark enemy and fulfill her destiny as the prophesied vampire queen.

My review:

Absolutely hilarious! Betsy (real name Elizabeth Taylor – yes, she knows!) gets hit by a car and wakes up undead. Now a vampire, she finds herself unnaturally attractive to men and dogs, and discovers the local vampire boss Nostro (or as she calls him, Nostril) wants her dead once and for all. With the help of her sassy best friend, a suicidal pediatrician, and hunky vampire Eric Sinclair – it appears all hot vamps must be called Eric these days – and his minions, Betsy finds out she is the vampire queen the legends have foretold. But she needs a few new pairs of Manolos to be convinced…

The back cover described this book as what would happen if Carrie from Sex and the City became a vampire. In my opinion Betsy is too snarky to be Carrie; more like Samantha but without the sex life. She has some great one-liners and her interactions with Sinclair are full of sexy fun. The bit with the handkerchief had me laughing out loud!

This is a great read and I will definitely be checking out the rest of the series.

My rating: 4.5/5. I’m taking half a star off purely for the occasional typos in the paperback edition I read and for the line “I felt like Princess Diana at her coronation” – WTF? Did I miss that?

2011 Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge Update: This is the 24th book I have read this year so far, meaning I have already outdone myself in 2011. Woo hoo! Now to keep going and see how many more I can manage 🙂


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