Undead and Unemployed, by MaryJanice Davidson

28 Mar

Format: Paperback, 230 pages
Published: February 28, 2006 (first published August 3, 2004)
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Back cover blurb:

Being royally undead isn’t all it’s cracked up to be—there are still bills to be paid. Luckily, new Queen of the Vampires Betsy Taylor lands her dream job selling designer shoes at Macy’s.

But when a string of vampire murders hits St. Paul, Betsy must enlist the help of the one vamp who makes her blood boil: the oh-so-sexy Sinclair. Now, she’s really treading on dangerous ground—high heels and all.

My review:

Have I mentioned before how much I love Sinclair? He gets even more swoonworthy in this second book about Elizabeth “Betsy” Taylor, the unlikely vampire queen. In this installment we discover Sinclair likes strawberries, but doesn’t much like the idea of his queen working nights in the shoe department at Macy’s. Even if there are new Pradas out.

There’s a plot involving a serial killer targetting vampires, but frankly I figured out who the killer was as soon as their name was first mentioned. Still, the addition of an elderly priest and his band of vamp-killing streetkids was a hoot.

But back to Sinclair. Unf. I love how he’s not the typical alpha male with all the answers – he gets surprised along with everyone else when Betsy discovers a new power. Of course, he’s quick with a sexy smirk and we can see in this book he really has fallen for her.

My favourite quote: “I controlled a shiver. No one said my name like he did… He said my name the way diabetics talk about hot fudge sundaes.” (OK, well it’s my fave quote behind “I could practically feel him at the back of my throat; he was really hung and that was just fine.”)

I love Davidson’s author’s notes too. Hil. Ar. I. Ous. Any editor who shouts “More Sinclair!” at her is worthy of thanks in my book, too.

My rating: 4/5


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