Unwritten Rules, by M.A. Stacie

28 Mar

Format: Kindle Edition

Published: January 27, 2011

Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House

Back cover blurb:

Elle is an energetic, independent woman with a successful business and new start in the big city. The bustling streets of New York are not what she expected, yet she finds the freedom exhilarating. One interaction at the mailboxes with her shy, strikingly handsome neighbor is all it takes to turn the strong- willed young woman into a bumbling mess.

Jonah Quinn is withdrawn for good reason; he harbors a dark secret. He lives his life in the shadows, playing his music in late night bars and hiding himself from everyone but Elle’s cat. His tattoos bear his pain while his music is his outlet, but it is his silence that keeps his shame at bay.

Can one night of passion between the two of them lead to more than casual glances exchanged at their mailboxes? Will Elle be strong enough to help Jonah with his personal demons. And will Jonah break his silence regarding a past that haunts him?

The Rules for this relationship are Unwritten. A story of longing, love, and forgiveness.

My review:

First of all, this book is HOT. Everything about Jonah makes your mouth water… but he is damaged, and it’s up to Elle to bring him back to life. This was the part I found frustrating about this book. I guess it was realistic, but I just wanted to slap both of them a lot of the time. Elle’s about-turns and Jonah’s mood swings gave me whiplash, and I’m not a great one for so much angst. Thankfully they got their HEA in the end, but it was a bit of a struggle for me.

A really annoying feature of the Kindle edition I read was the huge number of typographical errors – Jonah wore a “T-shit” at one point, lol – and for a pedant like me that also made it a difficult read.

My rating: 3.5/5


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