18 & Over Book Blogger Follow #2

4 Mar

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow is a weekly feature that runs over the weekend, hosted by Crystal from one of my favourite blog sites, Reading Between the Wines.

Question of the week: If you could get an early look at one of March’s releases, raw and pre-edits, which book would it be?

Oh, this is so tough! There are two books coming out on March 27 which are part of some of my most favourite series, and I can’t decide between them!

The obvious choice is Lover Reborn, by J.R. Ward. I have been an avid reader of this series for a couple of years, and Tohrment’s book promises to be one which may polarise Ward’s fans. I’ve seen some spoilers and am not really sure what to expect. I’ve pre-ordered it, though, and am keen to read what happens to one of my favourite Brothers as soon as it hits my Kindle.

I love Tohr, but I think I love Terrible just as much, so I would have to say I’m hugely impatient to read Sacrificial Magic by Stacia Kane. The end of the last book was so brilliant and I can’t wait to read Chess and Terrible together as a couple.

Was that a copout? Sorry, but I just can’t choose!

So what about you? What book can you not wait to get your hands on this month? Leave a comment below or link up HERE to follow the meme.


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