Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men, by Molly Harper

20 May

Format: Kindle edition, 376 pages
Published: August 25, 2009
Publisher: Pocket Star
Back cover blurb:
With her best friend Zeb’s Titanic-themed wedding looming ahead, new vampire Jane Jameson struggles to develop her budding relationship with her enigmatic sire, Gabriel. It seems unfair that she’s expected to master undead dating while dealing with a groom heading for a nuptial nervous breakdown, his hostile werewolf in-laws, and the ugliest bridesmaid dress in the history of marriage. Meanwhile, the passing of Jane’s future step-grandpa puts Grandma Ruthie back on the market. Her new fiance, Wilbur, has his own history of suspiciously dead spouses, and he may or may not have died ten years ago. Half-Moon Hollow’s own Black Widow has finally met her match. Should Jane warn her grandmother of Wilbur’s marital habits or let things run their course? Will Jane always be an undead bridesmaid, never the undead bride? Combining Mary Janice Davidson’s sass and the charm of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels, this is an incredibly satisfying read for fans of paranormal romantic comedy.
My review:
Still laugh-out-loud funny, but maybe not quite as good as the first book. There was no real mystery to grip the reader, just a series of (hilarious) plots involving the werewolf Titanic-themed wedding, Jane’s “black widow” grandmother and her new beau she met at the funeral home viewing of her previous boyfriend, the excellent Dick and Jane’s bookshop employer, and Jane’s former high school crush. And, of course, there’s the lovely Gabriel, who is still being enigmatic and smexy. Hopefully the next book will explain a bit more about what he’s been up to. I loved his joke at the end about suitable wedding songs (“Hungry Like the Wolf” – perfect!). So pleased there are more of these books for me to read 🙂
My rating: 4/5

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