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Must Try Harder

12 Mar

writer's blockHello? Anyone out there? I am hugely sorry for my prolonged absence. Work has been crazy busy for a while now, but all of a sudden I find myself with time on my hands, so I’m going to make a concerted effort to post on here more often.
For anyone still subscribing – thank you! I’m going to try to keep you up with my book reviews and other interesting tidbits. WordPress has changed a bit since I was last here, so hopefully I’ll be able to work this out. Stay tuned!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

19 Aug

I need to try this recipe! Yum!

kiss my spatula | food + photography

Sometimes….you just feel like being bad.

Really bad.

‘Nuff said.


Ice Cream Sandwiches
Tweaked from Gourmetand The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz, yields 10 gigantic ice cream sandwiches

Make sure to use old fashioned oats for the cookies.  Quick, or instant, oats won’t work for this recipe (trust me).  If you want to elevate these babies one notch further, assemble the sandwiches while the cookies are the slightest bit warm.  Not so warm that it instantly melts the ice cream, but just warm enough so you notice.

Music Pairing: I Like to Move It,Move It,Madagascar Music Video(I don’t know what I like better – these ice cream sandwiches or this video).  Turn up the volume, sit back and watch this one!  I dare you not to laugh.

vanilla bean ice cream:

  • 1 cup whole milk
  • a pinch of salt
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1…

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Chocolate Biscotti

11 Sep

Yum! Must try these.

Mama's Gotta Bake

I love crunch and I love nuts, and come on friends, we’ve been over this again and again…you know how obsessed I am with chocolate. So here we have it, Chocolate Biscotti, it’s a virtual no-brainer!  And, as if this cookie is not already sheer perfection, yes, you guessed it, it’s dipped in a lovely chocolate glaze. Need I say more?

Well…of course I’ll say more, that’s what I do. I love to make biscotti simply because they’re so easy.  You shape the dough into logs, bake ’em, slice them while they’re still warm, and then, bake ’em again. These biscuits are really perfect to accompany a cup of coffee or a hot cup of tea, but seriously I eat six of these before the coffee’s even brewed. I’m so bad.

But I’m still not done touting the virtues of this humble confection. These little gems will store for…

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From the kitchen: Nectarine Skillet Cake

11 Sep

This looks so yummy for the upcoming summer!

{love+cupcakes} Blog




I’ve had this skillet cake on my mind all summer. Every time I’ve been to the farmer’s market in the past two months, I’ve purchased ripe nectarines with the best of skillet cake intentions, but sadly, I just never found the time – until last Saturday, that is. Evan was out of town for the weekend, I didn’t have any leftover work from the week to do and I had zero plans for a full 48 hours. It was the perfect storm for a quiet, in-my-jammies, morning baking session. So I turned up Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, preheated my oven and gathered the ingredients. I don’t know if it was the nectarines that I purchased (they were just about as perfect as I’ve ever tasted) or the fact that I skipped breakfast to eat cake for brunch, but this was one of the best things that has ever come…

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Cover Reveal: Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

23 Apr

Can’t wait for this!

Bookish Temptations

Of all the cover reveals I’ve participated in? I have to admit this one has very special meaning to me and to Bookish Temptations, so I couldn’t be more pleased or honored than to be able to share it with all of you.

Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard is one of my most anticipated reads this year, and the cover just makes me want to read it even more.

Ready?!? GO! GO! GO!

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27 Feb

I’m SO looking forward to Trey’s book, and this is such a pretty cover. Roll on November 1!

Olivia Cunning's Blog

This isn’t the final version, but since

Double Time is now available for preorder on Amazon


I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of the cover.

Is it hot or what?

Official Release Date: November 1, 2012

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Hello world!

18 Aug

So this is the first post on BBOOB. Yes, I know, that looks a bit like Boob… but maybe that name is appropriate too. Let’s embrace the (o)(o)

Tee hee 😉