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All That Is Lost Between Us, by Sara Foster

13 Jul

28517569Format: e-ARC, 368 pages

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Australia

Published: 1 February 2016

ISBN: 9781925184785

Genre: General Fiction (Adult)

Back cover blurb: A mother’s worst fears. A daughter in distress. A family falling apart.

Seventeen-year-old Georgia has a secret – one that is isolating her from everyone she loves. She is desperate to tell her best friend, but Sophia is ignoring her, and she doesn’t know why. Before she can find out, Sophia is left fighting for her life after a hit and run, with Georgia a traumatised witness.

As a school psychologist, Georgia’s mother, Anya, should be used to dealing with scared adolescents. However, it’s very different when the girl who needs help is your own child. Meanwhile, Georgia’s father, Callum, is wracked with a guilt he can’t share – and when her younger brother, Zac, stumbles on an unlikely truth, the family relationships begin to implode.

Georgia’s secret is about to go viral, leaving her in terrible danger. Can the family rise above the lies they have told and fight for what matters most of all?

The lies we tell for love are the most dangerous of all.

Set against the stark, rugged beauty of England’s Lake District, All That is Lost Between Us is a timeless thriller with a modern twist.

My review: This is one of those books that makes you feel grateful your own family is not as dysfunctional as this. The characters here are all pretty awful, but at the same time very realistic. I understood the mother’s want to hover over her teenagers and her sadness at their growing apart, but at the same time she was stifling. The mystery relationship was obvious to me – I was reminded of Riley Redgate’s Seven Ways We Lie because the setup is almost identical – and the red herring side story was a little weird. Overall, just okay.

***Disclaimer: This e-ARC was provided to me by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Huge thanks to them. ***

My rating: 3.5/5