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Passion and Propriety (Hearts of Honour, book 1), by Elise de Sallier

18 Jul

22375673Format: e-book, 270 pages

Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House

Published: August 7, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61213-261-7

Genre: Historical romance

Back cover blurb: A hidden beauty. A wounded beast. Can the curse threatening their happiness be broken?

There is absolutely nothing improper about Hannah Foster, the vicar of Hartley’s eldest daughter, nursing the badly wounded Viscount Blackthorn back to health—that’s if the returned officer can be saved. At twenty seven she is two years the man’s senior, a confirmed spinster, and far too sensible to develop feelings for her patient. The fact he was once her childhood friend and has grown into a fine specimen of a man—his terrible scars notwithstanding—has no bearing on the matter.

Even if the unthinkable were to happen and William was to see past her plain exterior and recognise the caring, intelligent, passionate woman beneath, he is determined to break the curse that has plagued his family for generations by letting his bloodline die out. Her best friend, Grace’s, warnings are moot. A man of Lord Blackthorn’s wealth and position would never be interested in a woman like Hannah . . . would he?

My review: I really enjoyed this, and Elise de Sallier is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I love a good bodice-ripper, and this reminded me very much of the series I enjoy by Courtney Milan, Tessa Dare and others. It’s well-written with interesting, fleshed-out characters the reader can feel for. There is UST in spades, and it’s nicely done with lots of good showing rather than telling.

William is just lovely. The absence of love in his childhood made him prickly at the start, but Hannah’s caring brought him around. His willingness to help his fellow soldiers showed he wasn’t such an uncaring brute even in the army. I love his arc, coming to accept the curse is broken. And he’s yummy.

I cannot wait to read more in the series. Now that there are a few ex-military men at the big house there’s bound to be one to catch a girl’s eye 😉 Rawr!

My rating: 5/5





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Kicking off Sci-Fy May with TWCS – guest post and giveaway!

1 May

Today I am proud to join forces with the lovely people at The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House to help them celebrate my favourite month, Sci-Fy May! (Keep reading – there’s a giveaway, my first on the blog!)

Sci-Fi May Promo Banner

As a special treat, we are joined by Warren Cantrell, author of Obvious Child:

Although the events of Obvious Child take place in what is now the present (2015), when I wrote the book in 2010, my aim was to set it in the not-too-distant future, when time travel technology was just being discovered. This was done to give the story a little distance from the real world and modern scientific techniques and methods, so that any specific analysis of the supposed time travel technology could be explained away or buttressed by “future” developments that were never really expounded upon. There was a reason for this: my book was written in the present tense and in the 3rd person to give it a sense of urgency and immediacy, as well as to put the audience in my main character’s shoes.

That character, Sam Grant, is a History graduate school student, not a scientist, and he is somewhat reluctantly pulled into the larger events of the story. As a result, he only gets partial, passing information about the time travel technology, and never gains much more than a cursory understanding of how it all works. Since Sam is a slacker, stoner, and something of a drunk, this fit well with his character, and since the narrative structure never left Sam’s POV, the audience didn’t know all that much more than Sam. Thus, Obvious Child didn’t spend a lot of time explaining the nuts and bolts of the time travel technology, because Sam didn’t really need to know about it to have his adventure (and it didn’t fit with his character). As a result, since Sam didn’t need to know how the technology worked, the audience didn’t really need to know, and as an author I was let off the hook. The fact that the story takes place in the “future” and is viewed through the eyes of an unwilling participant in a celebrity whirlwind affair allowed me to craft the story in such a way as to keep the attention focused on Sam’s handling of the ordeal, rather than the minutiae of how the technology fueling it worked. After all, the story is an exploration of what it means to become famous in the modern, social network, 24-hour news cycle age: time travel was just a means to an end to bring those themes to the surface.

Because there was not a lot of focus on the technology, and the rules behind the functionality of the time travel device, it allowed me considerable freedom to play around with different concepts as it concerned travelling to the future in my book’s universe. Since I didn’t go into much detail about how the time travel technology worked, I wasn’t hampered by a self-imposed set of rules regarding its capabilities. Yet Obvious Child is just the first book in a series, and if TWCS picks up the second volume in the series (which is already written), readers will find that things can get a little tricky when a character is leaping around through time. As the adventures of Sam Grant develop, it has become more challenging to keep the events of the book within the bounds of space-time’s rational limits. For example, if somebody travels forward in time, then attempts to return home to their own era, might not actions taken on that return journey alter the landscape of the future (which is really the main character’s past)? Such questions can be tricky, yet are part of the fun of writing a time travel adventure story! Readers have responded enthusiastically to Obvious Child, and have been clamoring for the long-promised sequel, so my narrative gamble seems to have paid off!

About The Author:

Warren Cantrell is a film and music critic based out of Seattle, Washington. One of the few surviving journalists of the Gonzo school, Mr. Cantrell’s work has appeared in such publications as Lost in Reviews and Scene-Stealers.

A classically trained scholar with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in History, Mr. Cantrell has spent the majority of his time since graduation writing novels and paying off his student loans. Working as a critic and an on-the-ground correspondent, Mr. Cantrell has covered the Seattle International and Sundance Film Festivals and has had the pleasure of interviewing people ranging from Sissy Spacek to Joss Whedon.

As an established film and music critic, Mr. Cantrell finds that it is best to keep his political views private, except to say that he feels Greedo definitely did not shoot first and that The Misfits ceased to exist the moment Danzig left the band.

A life-long Arizona Diamondbacks, Cardinals, and Phoenix Suns fan, Mr. Cantrell enjoys fast cars, Italian opera, Norwegian cinema, Kentucky bourbon, and Motörhead concerts. Connect with the Author on Facebook.

Obvious Child back cover blurb: Sam Grant doesn’t want to be famous, but he doesn’t have much of a say in the matter.
On the verge of graduating from college with his master’s in History, Sam and the rest of the world bear witness to the invention of time travel. Revealed via a YouTube broadcast, the brothers responsible for inventing time travel find their remarkable device coopted by the U.S. government. In a magnanimous gesture, the U.S. government holds a worldwide competition to decide who will be the first time traveler in history. This turns Sam’s world upside down after a half-baked joke application he sends in gets him accepted as a contestant for consideration.
Thrust into a political and media blender set to puree, Sam and his fellow contestants vie for the affections of a worldwide audience who will vote on the eventual winner. As the successive rounds of the contest pass by, and Sam tries everything from indifference to wild irreverence to get himself voted out of the competition, he finds that all his actions only serve to make him more popular.
As the contest goes on, Sam and the time travel project become more of a referendum on our society’s fascination with celebrity disasters, and what they will do to make sure the entertainment doesn’t stop anytime soon. Unable to get out of the contest via logical means, Sam learns to embrace the perks sudden celebrity provides, yet also suffers some of its typical consequences.
Stuck between two worlds—one he can’t handle, and another he can’t control—Sam finds himself considering a third option, one that has him confronting a time traveling reality that terrifies him to his very core.
My review can be found HERE. I loved this book and gave it 5/5 cupcakes.



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Thanks for stopping by, Warren!

To help celebrate the month, TWCS has reduced the price of 15 of their sci-fi and paranormal titles to just 99c! I’ve read 11 of these books and loved them! Now the rest are only 99c I’ll have to grab them, too! And check out the bottom of this post for an amazing giveaway!


This May, TWCS is paying tribute to the SciFy genre in honour of the EPIC Star Wars series and LEGENDARY The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, amongst others…



LEGACY OF A DREAMER, Allie Jean, Paranormal



Chantal Breelan is plagued by horrible nightmares too realistic to ignore. Her past has been a mystery, and the foster system isn’t providing any answers. Starting a new life alone at eighteen is a challenge, especially when things that go bump in the night appear out of the shadows, and her dreams begin to breach reality. Darkness surrounds her from all sides, but is it only evil that hides in the shadows, or are the answers to her past lingering just beyond?




ZOMBIFIED, Maggie LaCroix, Paranormal Fantasy



Monsters know their place: vampires are sexy; zombies just decompose. But Maggie La Croix’s Zombified conjures up an entirely different kind of undead raised by good old-fashioned Voodoo. Take Henri—still gorgeous, over one hundred years after his death. And now a hurricane has set him free from a curse.

Enter Josie, a reporter with her eyes on Henri. But falling for a man without a heartbeat could get her more than a broken heart. It could get her zombified.



THE SIX, K.B. Hoyle, Fantasy



Darcy Pennington feels like she is an insufferably average thirteen-year-old, but when a change in her dad’s job forces her to attend Cedar Cove Camp, she unwittingly stumbles upon a magical gateway. Along with five other teenagers, she will travel to a world called Alitheia. The “arrival of the Six” was prophesied long ago, but will she have what it takes to save Alitheia?




MORE, T.M. Franklin, Paranormal



Haunted by terrifying nightmares and certain she’s being watched, college student Ava Michaels finds an unlikely ally in Physics tutor Caleb Foster. But Caleb isn’t quite what he seems. In fact, he’s not entirely human, and he’s not the only one.

Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bent on Ava’s capture, and possible extinction. As Ava fights to survive, she learns the world’s not what she thought.

It’s a little bit more.




THE SILVER CRESCENT, Debby Grahl, Paranormal



An ancestor’s tale of betrayal, murder and a stolen fortune in silver leads Elise Baxter to Max Holt’s Victorian inn.

She is reluctantly, though irresistibly, attracted to Max. Leery of loving again, Max lets passion overrule caution, tumbling them into an erotic encounter.

Guided by ghosts and opposed by an evil presence, the couple searches for the treasure. But there are others who will stop at nothing to unlock the mystery of the Silver Crescent.



THE MEMORY HEALER, Julie Filarski, Paranormal



When Beth Montgomery reluctantly agrees to carry out a psychic assessment of Carrington House, she is transported to another era, where she sees a date on a calendar that fills her with dread.

Back in the present time and sensing an eternal bond with the irresistible Dr Matthew Jamieson, she wonders whether he was once the darkly handsome but unfaithful Samuel Methven. Beth must regress to the tragic events of 1895 to learn the truth.



HUNTED, Lorenz Font, Paranormal



Disease is ravaging the vampire community in New York City’s underworld. Harrow Gates is sick, alone, and hunted. When Pritchard Tack offers him a new beginning, he is in no position to refuse.

Jordan is a young vampire whose only focus is revenge. In her search for her family’s killer, she meets a man who threatens to pull her heart away from her sworn mission. Is love strong enough to override her thirst for vengeance?




MOUNTAIN CHARM, Sydney Logan, Paranormal



“True love and sweet whispers, till death do us part;

Send someone to love my Appalachian heart.”

At the age of thirteen, Angelina Clark followed in the footsteps of her ancestors by casting an Appalachian love spell, which promised she would blossom into a beautiful and gifted woman who would find her true love. A young Angelina had been thrilled to participate in the sacred ritual, but through the years, her father’s untimely death and her mother’s failing health have shaken Angelina’s magical faith to its core. As her twenty-first birthday approaches, she refuses to practice her supernatural gifts and no longer believes in the love charm.



REDEMPTION, Lindsey Gray, Paranormal



Life is for living. Afterlife is a chance at redemption. As the only remaining female vampire in existence, Lily attempts to make her way towards her ever after. But with best friend Becca, new beau Ian, human husband Ryan, Archangel Peter, and a host of demons all standing in the way of Lily’s chance at a peaceful eternity, how can she possibly survive?




CONVERGENCE, J.D. Watts, Paranormal



Daniella Rossi is a nineteen-year-old college student who sees the world quite differently than those around her. From infancy, she was aware of the beings that walked among her kind who were not like them, as well as her own personal Guardian who watched over her. Dani always knew she was different, but she never dreamed the full scope of her importance. When a new male Guardian comes to replace her lifelong friend and companion, will Dani be able to accept him as she deals with a world full of the other Children of Creation, Angels, both good and evil?




OBVIOUS CHILD, Warren Cantrell, SciFy



In 2015, Sam Grant is chosen to take part in a contest that will choose the world’s first time traveler. There’s just one problem—Sam doesn’t want anything to do with the contest. Yet his deliberately profane public appearances and sabotaged interviews only boost ratings. Now stuck, Sam must plot how he’ll get out of the contest, or if he should embrace it all and become the most famous person in history.





GHOSTWRITER, Lissa Bryan, Paranormal



Unemployed, with her savings dwindling, Sara Howell thinks things are looking up when she lands a ghostwriting job and rents the affordable island home of her favorite author, Seth Fortner, who mysteriously disappeared in 1925.

Strange things happen, making Sara wonder if Seth ever left. When she finds an old trunk of Seth’s letters, she delves into a world she never imagined, filled with love and a family curse it seems only she can break.




THE STARS ARE FALLING, Michelle Birbeck, Paranormal



Jenny’s life revolves around surviving university, watching the stars, and staring at her housemate, Dale. But as the night sky glows with the light of falling stars, Jenny’s classes and crush seem unimportant. The Stars are retaking Earth, saving mother nature by eliminating the problem. Together, Jenny and Dale can save the world and the human race, but surviving long enough to convince the Stars of that is perilous and may kill them both.








When the ordinary life of Virgil Blaine crosses the path of the even more ordinary Doug Coulthard, it sets off a series of extra-ordinary events. Doug Coulthard is a Filing Clerk and the President of the Unpublished People’s Poet’s Party –Political Unit (UPPPPU) where a catastrophe has just happened; two of his long time members have been published. The UPPPPU goes on a recruiting drive by distributing leaflets, one of which finds its way into Virgil Blaine’s pocket. Virgil Blaine, who is a slight poet himself, attends one of the meetings where he meets Forward Slash who offers Virgil Blaine a job. The offer comes with two things Virgil Blaine has never had; a job and a car and on a whim he accepts. The problem is, through no effort of his own, his position is suddenly elevated. Virgil Blaine says the job is ‘messing with his DNA – Deliberate Non-Achiever’ and he misses his old life and so hatches a plan to get it back…



SEBASTIAN AND THE AFTERLIFE, William j. Barry, Paranormal


Sebastian, an average seventeen-year-old boy, has just paid this debt. He awakes in a surreal world somewhere between mortal life and the afterlife, where the Grim Reaper rules and his loyal agents maintain the law. But not all is peaceful in this mystical realm. Axis Red and his soul pirates threaten the future of all who dwell there.

Sebastian soon finds himself at Sapentia, a high school for the departed. There he makes new friends but longs for his lost love, Sarah, who is still alive in the mortal world. Some things are forbidden; some lines cannot be crossed. What will Sebastian risk to be close to Sarah again?

Continue the adventure with Sebastian and the Afterlife Book II – Agents of the Reaper




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A Political Affair, by Mary Whitney

19 Oct


Format: ebook, 284 pages

Published: October 18, 2012

Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee House Publishing House

Back cover blurb: Stephen McEvoy never expected to fill his father’s U.S. Senate seat at such a young age—or to fight to keep it. When clever Anne Norwood interns in his office, Stephen dismisses her as another pretty face—until her independent streak catches his attention. They’re both too smart to fall for one another, yet they do. During a tough election, their relationship is an impossible political gamble. Campaigns—like love—are either won or lost.

My review: I have a soft spot for political love stories, so I was really excited to read this. Yes, it’s the old story of a politician falling for his intern, but the way Mary Whitney has told the tale means it comes across as far from cliched.

Stephen McEvoy, heir to his family’s political dynasty, has been a player in the past, but when Anne Norwood becomes an intern in his office he fights his attraction to her, not in the least because her family comes from the opposite side of the political spectrum to him. Once they can no longer deny their feelings, their relationship must be “managed”, and that’s where the excellent secondary characters come in. I loved Stephen and Anne, but his family and old friends were lots of fun, and the rival politicians were suitably villainous. The behaviour of Helen, in particular, made me wonder what really goes on up on Capitol Hill!

This is a great read, which I would highly recommend. I must also say it is a beautiful cover. I’m looking forward to more from Ms. Whitney 🙂

My rating: 5/5

MORE, by T.M. Franklin

4 Oct

Format: e-book

Published: October 4, 2012

Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House

Back cover blurb:

Ava Michaels used to think she was special.

As a child, she fantasized about having magical powers . . . making things happen. But Ava grew up and eventually accepted the fact that her childish dreams were just that, and maybe a normal life wasn’t so bad after all.

Now a young college student, Ava meets Caleb Foster, a brilliant and mysterious man who’s supposed to help her pass Physics, but in reality has another mission in mind. What he shows Ava challenges her view of the world, shaking it to its very core.

Because Caleb isn’t quite what he seems. In fact, he’s not entirely human, and he’s not the only one.

Together, the duo faces a threat from an ancient race bound to protect humans, but only after protecting their own secrets—secrets they fear Ava may expose. Fighting to survive, Ava soon learns she’s not actually normal . . . she’s not even just special.

She’s a little bit more.

My review:

This book is FANTASTIC!!!!! The characters are amazing, the story is thrilling and twists in all the right places, and the budding romance is just perfect! It isn’t often I love a female character from start to finish, but I did with Ava. The bit where she lies in bed wondering what he’s doing… I die! Seriously, I cannot wait to read the rest of this series. A stunning debut novel, and I love the cover!

My rating: 5/5

Need, by Sherri Hayes

8 Aug

Format: ebook

Published: July 26, 2012
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House
Back cover blurb:
As Brianna comes to terms with the realization that she is no longer a slave, she must figure out what she wants for her life. Forgetting her past isn’t an option. It is an integral part of who she is now, and it will forever shape her view of life. The one thing she knows is that she cannot imagine her life without the man who saved her, but can she be what he needs?

Stephan never imagined falling in love with the woman he rescued, but the thought of her no longer being part of his life is physically painful. The scars from her past continue to haunt her, and he is helpless to stop them. All he can do is try to help her work through the traumas of her past. Can he be everything she needs and help her move on?

The two must figure out how to navigate not only their relationship with each other, but also the outside world. A friend from Brianna’s past shows up where she least expects them, and Uncle Richard continues to enforce his well-meaning agenda to get Brianna more traditional help. As forces, both friend and foe, threaten to tear them apart, Stephan and Brianna have to navigate the turbulent waters and find what they need in each other.

My review:
Excellent sequel to Slave, in which Brianna and Stephan continue to develop their relationship slowly as she recovers from her time as a sex slave. This book has more intimate scenes than the first, as Brianna gradually becomes more comfortable with Stephan’s advances, but I think I enjoyed the intrigue even more. The mystery surrounding Brianna’s past deepens and becomes less clear-cut, and I began to suspect many other characters may have had a part in her abduction. The ending is a perfect cliffhanger, setting up the third installment due next year.
My rating: 5/5

Behind Closed Doors, by Sherri Hayes

30 May

Format: ebook
Published: January 19, 2012
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop
Back cover blurb:
Elizabeth Marshall spent the last nine years doing all the things she was supposed to do. She went to a good college. Married a man with a promising future. Elizabeth even had a nice house in a respectable part of town. There was even the promise of 2.4 kids in her future. From the outside everything looked picture perfect.

Then one night, the world she lived in came crashing down. Six months later with her husband dead and her friends gone, Elizabeth moves to the small town of Springfield, Ohio to start a new life where no one knows who she is or about her past.

Christopher Daniels enjoys the simplicity of his bachelor life. After his divorce three years ago, he swore off women. He has no desire to change that philosophy.

When Elizabeth Marshall moves into the apartment below his in the small Victorian house, she makes him reconsider the motto he’s lived by for the last three years: women are trouble. She is everything his ex-wife is not, and it doesn’t help that she is his wet dream come to life.

He is determined to resist her charms; however, when someone sends threatening messages to Elizabeth, he finds himself in the role of protector. Can he protect Elizabeth and still resist the pull she has on his body and his heart?

My review:
I read this in about two sittings and really enjoyed it, even though it was obvious to me who the baddie was very early on. Hayes has a way of writing which makes her stories easy to read, despite a few errors, and I really loved all the characters, especially Chris and his brothers. I’m thrilled to see this is going to be a series about them, with Gage the football player next – yum!
My rating: 4/5

Supernova, by C.L. Parker

12 Mar

Format: ebook, 223 pages
Published: May 25, 2011
Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House
Back cover blurb:
Somewhere between the first twinkling of stars in the night sky and the break of dawn, two souls from two unique worlds collide, creating an everlasting supernova.Kerrigan Cruz and Dominic Grayson are among the chosen few who have the gift, or the curse, of being able to walk between two worlds. It is on the cusp of where these beings meet that everything changes, and life as they know it is turned upside down. Fantasy becomes reality and what shouldn’t be, is.

Forced by destiny, their chance encounter is breathed to life by the one thing that can make even the most impossible of impossibilities a reality. Something so complex in nature, yet as simple as a flicker of thought to exercise. Most normal people go about their everyday lives never even suspecting its existence. But it is out there…it is the Light.

The universe has granted the power of the Light to a chosen bloodline charged with the responsibility of protecting our right to choose our destiny. But in the shadows, darkness wreaks havoc in the lives of the unsuspecting. Yes, another world does exist, and it holds secrets beyond what the most vivid imagination can comprehend.

Supernova: His curse. Her gift. Their destiny.

My review:
I’ve gone about this all wrong because I read this after I had read the sequel, Cataclysm, but the sequel stood alone well and now I’ve been able to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of Kerrigan and Dominic’s relationship. And what a hot relationship it is! From their first meeting the UST was off the chart, and I so love that in a book. The way they worked together to learn about her new powers and fight the bad guys at the end revealed such a tender relationship that it’s hard not to fall in love with Dominic just a little bit.

The secondary characters are great, too. Gabe was again hilarious – in my head he is Lafayette from True Blood, even though he is meant to be white here – and it was nice to see more of Availia than in the second book. I also loved the little references to things which made me smile, like Twilight and the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

A few things grated on me at times (which is why this isn’t a 5-cupcake read for me), such as several typos and the sometimes rapidly shifting points-of-view from one person’s head to another, but they weren’t enough to deduct a whole star. Dominic makes up for all of that with his swoonworthiness. This is a great debut novel and I highly recommend the sequel. Roll on the third book!

My rating: 4.5/5
29 Feb

“The J.K. Rowling of erotic fiction”! W00t!


Update: Another article, this time from the British Daily Mail:


Also, the book is to be discussed on the Today show on March 1 (US time)!


Bookish Temptations

In case you haven’t seen it yet there’s a great article written by Dana Schuster about one of my most fave books (series) that has been published in the New York Post…Yup, Christian Grey from the Fifty trilogy by E.L. James is in the news. Awesome!

You can read the entire article here.

View original post

Fifty Shades Freed, by E.L. James

25 Jan

Format: ebook

Published: January 19, 2012

Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House

Back cover blurb:

When unworldly student Ana Steele first encountered the driven, damaged young entrepreneur Christian Grey it sparked a sensual affair that changed both their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and ultimately repelled by Christian’s singular sexual tastes, Ana demanded a deeper commitment; determined to keep her, Christian agreed.

Now, together, they have more – love, passion, intimacy, and a world of infinite possibilities. But Ana always knew that loving her Fifty Shades would not be easy, and being together poses challenges neither of them ever anticipated. Ana must somehow learn to share Christian’s opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own integrity, identity or independence; Christian must somehow overcome his compulsion to control, and lay to rest the horrors that blighted his past and haunt his present.

Just when it seems that together their love can conquer any obstacle, misfortune, malice and fate combine to make Ana’s worst nightmares come true. Alone and desperate, she must face down the poisoned legacy of Christian’s past.

Seductive, shocking, sad and funny, Fifty Shades Freed is the compelling final volume in the Fifty Shades trilogy.

My review:

I’m really going to miss Fifty and Ana. Especially Fifty. *sigh*

The third book in the trilogy is a rollercoaster ride, from the highs of a wedding and honeymoon, to the lows of jealousy, mistrust and betrayal. There is some serious heartfail when Christian believes Ana has done the unthinkable, but I don’t want to spoil anything here. Suffice to say there is a happy ending, and it’s amazing to see how much Ana and Christian have grown by the end.

James also treats readers to some added extras in this edition: the beginning of the story, when Ana first came to interview Christian and his subsequent meeting with her at the sporting goods store, told from Fifty’s point of view. Being in his head for just a few pages is wonderful and gives us a great insight into that first fateful meeting. I loved it!

This trilogy is sexy, smart and very addictive, and the third installment rounds it off nicely. I have found myself blushing in the supermarket when the sound system has played “Nothing Sweet About Me”, and it’s all E.L. James’s fault. She is certainly an author to watch, and if the rumoured movie deal ever comes to fruition, I know who would make a perfect Fifty. Anyone else would be a hard limit 😉

My rating: 5/5

Where All Things Will Grow, by N.K. Smith

29 Dec

Format: ebook

Published: December 29, 2011

Publisher: The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House

Back cover blurb:

Little battles have been fought, and old wounds have festered and healed.

The weight placed upon both Sophia Young and Elliott Dalton never grows lighter, but as they adapt to life, the burden becomes bearable. In the final chapter of their early and fragile relationship, they will be faced with the biggest challenge of them all—accept the love they’ve been given, or seek comfort in the cold solitary ways of their past.

Love is a lesson, but one must be open enough to learn.

When Elliott reveals more of his past and Sophie confronts more of her own, they continue on the path of joining their lives together. But where will the path lead and what will they find there? Emotionally bare and physically fatigued, they find nothing but rubble at the end of their journey. Will they accept destruction of their peace, or will they brandish the tools they’ve gathered along the way and cultivate a garden where all things will grow.

My review:

A box of tissues will probably be required for reading the emotionally charged fourth and final book in N.K. Smith’s Old Wounds series, Where All Things Will Grow. Picking up from the end of the third book, Weight of the World, troubled teenagers Elliott and Sophie are still taking one step forward and two steps back in their relationship, with both finally admitting they love each other even though they are still very broken individuals.


The appealing cover, showing a fresh new shoot, gives hope that their turbulent relationship will finally get a happy ending, but not until Sophie can exorcise her demons and Elliott can come to terms with what happened to him and his brother at the hands of their evil father. When the extent of the abuse is finally, gradually revealed it is shocking and heart-breaking to read.


Their tentative sexual relationship is taken further in this book, but just when Elliott seems to be making progress, a ghost from Sophie’s past plunges them back into chaos. Their co-dependency is tested when Elliott begins a different type of therapy, in a section of the book which left me with chills. Then, just when you think nothing could possibly be worse than what they have already been through, an event takes place which causes irreparable damage . . . that’s when the tissues will come in handy the most.


Once again, Smith has crafted an incredibly moving story which stays with you long after you have finished reading. It is an amazing ending to a remarkable series.

My rating: 5/5