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18 & Over Book Blogger Follow #3

10 Mar

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow is a weekly feature that runs over the weekend, hosted by Crystal from one of my favourite blog sites, Reading Between the Wines.

Question of the Week: If you could ask your favorite author one question, what would you ask?  And don’t forget to include the author in your answer.

Ooh, another tough one! After much deliberation – and rejecting J.R. Ward because I would want to ask her too many questions – I decided on Karen Marie Moning, author of the amazing Fever series.

I love Barrons – who doesn’t? – and have always been intrigued by his relationship with Ryodan. Mac is okaaay, and their HEA was inevitable, but in all honesty I read the series for the men. Well, for Barrons. *sigh*

So anyway, I would ask Ms Moning if she would ever consider writing Barrons’ and Ryodan’s backstory. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be interested in finding out how the two of them met, what adventures they have had, and finding out what Ryodan is. Is he the same as Barrons?

If I could ask another question, I’d like to ask: “Why Tubthumping?” I mean, really? Chumbawamba just make me laugh so hard now, thinking of Barrons dancing au naturel.

OK, that’s me. What about you? Who and what would you ask? Leave a comment below or link up HERE to follow the meme.